Urban Garden Design

39Living in a city presents a number of difficulties when you want to have a garden. Small spaces, concrete slabs and busy lifestyles all make gardening a challenge. However, having an urban garden is possible when you have a clear idea in mind about what you want and what you need to do.

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge in creating an urban garden is not any of the things mentioned above. More often than not, it’s imagination that hinders city dwellers from making the most of their metropolitan spaces.

When planning an urban garden design, certain things need to be kept in mind. With such a small space to work on, you need to be careful with every little detail to make your garden come together. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate in your urban garden design:

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7 Steps of Xeriscape Garden Design

38What is Xeriscape? It means water wise or water efficient landscaping. It does not mean Zero scape. The word is a combination of the Greek word for dry xeros and the word landscape. The term Xeriscape was developed in 1981 by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado to describe a water efficient landscape program.

The following 7 Steps of Xeriscape (Water-Wise) Design Garden will help you to re-evaluate our use of water, be more practical and water conserving approach to landscape design and maintenance regardless of the garden style.

1. Planning and design. Planning is the most important step to successful water-wise gardening. Due to and lack of proper planning, large amount of water is wasted in our own gardens. Do not mix water loving plants with drought tolerant plants. If you want water-loving plants, choose an area and have separate zoning.

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Tips to Design a Mexican Style Garden

37Mexican Designed Gardens combine character with elegance and like the Hispanic culture should include a space for socialising! In the same way as Mexico is vast the types of Mexican style gardens have variations also, there are Mexican Water Gardens but more commonly the garden can be a courtyard style with a water feature if room allows it.

A Mexican courtyard garden is designed around people with evidence of the varied Mexican landscapes such as lush tropical forests, desert and coast. So the aim is to focus on the people who will enjoy it and visit it, then building the props and plants with this in mind which should mirror the diverse beauty of Mexico.

Some Mexican courtyard gardens may focus on one favourite place or aspect of Mexico which also works very well, so if you have been to Mexico this is an option. It could be a loving tribute to the relaxing coasts of Mexico, the diverse mountain regions or the native feel of the northern deserts.

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Elements of Contemporary Garden Design

36There are many elements of contemporary garden design. Of course, there are more than a few different styles of modern garden design and each individual has a right to express his/her own style in his/her own garden.

That’s really what makes contemporary garden design so interesting. Today there are so many different flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs available from all over the world that you can practically create a multinational garden if you want to or you could focus on recreating a particular style or time period garden.

New types of elements are now included in garden design that didn’t use to be included simply because they did not exist. These include interlocking pavers, which are little bricks that can be placed on the ground and interlocked with others to make a path or stepping stones. They are available in all colors, shapes and styles and they can really accent a contemporary garden. Concrete brick pavers are also an option and they are very similar to interlocking pavers except for the fact that don’t interlock. This makes them useful if you like the stepping stone look for a garden.

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Gardening Services – When You Have to Design Your Own Garden

35When we read the news and various magazines, when we go on vacations and even simply walk around the city – we always get exposed to the fact that some takes care of all these gardens.

Every garden has got its own characteristics and design. Some are designed for practical uses; others seem to be there for beauty. But what is common to all the good looking gardens out there is – that some is responsible for them.

By responsibility, I mean that somebody planned them and somebody is doing maintenance on almost a daily basis.

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